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Positive Hiring Momentum

07 Sep 2017

NPAworldwide, a global recruitment network, announced the results of its twice annual business barometer survey. This is a survey completed by the independent recruitment firm owners that are members of the NPAworldwide global network. Members are asked to document business results and predict future results that are representative of the independent recruitment industry.

Interview Tips That Lead to Job Offers

09 Mar 2017

Even if you get put off mid-way through an interview by a difficult question, try to regain your composure and move on. All is not lost if something goes wrong. Remember that it may have tripped up other interviewees too.

What To Do On Your First Day At Your New Job

02 Mar 2016
What To Do On Your First Day At Your New Job infographic. From setting up your new work desk, making the tea and getting use to the emails and software we can ensure your new job gets off to a great start.

Top 10 Irritating Office Habits

02 Mar 2016
Want to know what the top 10 irritating office habits are... then look no further. Whether you are or you work with someone who is contagiously ill or has the most fussy tea requirements you could ever have imagined then read on.

Desks - Messy, immaculate, quirky or simplistic. Which one are you?

18 Feb 2016
Whether you're the type to cover your desk in photographs of the family or proudly display every novelty item gifted to you for secret santa over the years, every work station is unique. After all, we spend more time at our desks than we do at home so it’s only natural that our desks reflect our character and personality.

Here we explore some common desk types. Which one are you?

How to beat those dreaded interview nerves

10 Feb 2016
We you've all been there at one point in our lives - leapt with joy at receiving the news that you've secured an interview. However once the excitement calms, it's time to put off any nerves and any irrational thoughts you may have leading up to the day itself. Then when the interview day arrives, you're getting flustered about what to wear, and you're trying to remember all if not any facts about the company, and the butterfly feeling in your stomach hasn't shifted since you woke up.

Top tips for creating or rewriting your CV

25 Aug 2015
Before starting to write or rewrite your CV, it’s always important to remember why you are writing it. Simply writing a CV to get a job is not always the best approach. Focusing on getting an interview which will lead to a job is a much more realistic target.

Job Interview: know the company!

08 Jul 2015
You've spent hours perfecting your CV, ensuring the utmost professionalism, without sounding dull and robotic. You’ve prepared your outfit making sure it’s fully pressed and presentable. You’ve planned your journey to a T, factoring in plenty of time for traffic, blizzards, and tornadoes (just in case). After all that planning and preparation, are you really going to let yourself down just minutes into the interview by tripping up on the most simple of questions? What do you know about the company?