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The New Year has arrived and your salary is being pulled in every direction.

24 Jan 2018

Did you get your annual 'cost of living' pay-rise ? Have you asked for it ? Are you worth it ? Should you need to ask for it ? 


With prices rising through 'the cost of fuel' (although, there still seems to be a surplus of oil !!!) and the number of standing orders increasing through the need to keep up with the 'Jones's' - Our disposable incomes are taking a serious hit.


Not that long ago, we were not paying out monthly contracts on mobile phones; internet access; wifi; netflix; deezer; spotify; extra storage in our Cloud; extortionate insurance premiums; Sky subscriptions, gym memberships, Lottery and student loans!!!!! (i'm sure you can add to these!)


ALL of the above are limiting our ability to increase our disposable income.


Moving jobs is now a career choice in order to achieve that lost pay-rise. It's the employers loss and your gain.


On average, moving jobs within the same sector as a career choice will increase your salary by 7.9% - taking a £30,000 salary to £32,370.


Not bad for making that enquiry that you saw on www.taylor-green.co.uk


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